Human Rights Watch film weekend, Ivy Circle Day 31 January

The 3rd annual Human Rights Weekend  with Human Rights Watch at de Balie. will take place on 30 January through the 1st of February at the Balie in Amsterdam.
This year’s theme will be on Reporting Change, offering a close-up, informative, and eye-opening peek behind the scenes at what’s going on in the Middle East and North Africa. (see the link below with Dutch and English information).
It will be a weekend packed with documentary and feature films, debates, panel discussions, interviews, and theater performance.  Senior HRW directors and researchers from the region and the Emergencies Division will be among the experts taking part. This is also one of the few ‘open’ Human Rights Watch events; i.e., all are welcome (though must purchase and reserve tickets through de Balie’s website – see below

The Ivy Circle will organise an event/borrel on Saturday 31 January.  More details to follow.

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