A call to young alumni from the Ivy Circle

Following is a letter to young alumni from the Ivy Circle:

We are Madeleine Gorman and Tim Oldeman, and we co-chair the newly created Young Alumni Chair position of the Ivy Circle.

The position was created this year to introduce a focus on younger alumni. “Young alumni” is loosely defined as alumni who have graduated in the last ten years or so or are below the age of 35.

Our aim is to engage both existing young alumni of the Clubs and newly arriving alumni, whether they are Dutch students returning home, or foreign alumni arriving in the Netherlands for work or otherwise.  By introducing them to their own alumni organizations and to the expanded network offered by the Ivy Circle, we will aim to make their transition (back) to Holland a little bit easier by connecting them with a like minded community.

The spirit underlying this initiative is inclusive and collaborative, so please consider the definition of young alumni as suggestive; all are welcome to join.

To support this goal, we have set up the Ivy Circle Netherlands Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/558320417705148/?fref=ts), where we can connect with fellow young alumni, and updates, news and invitations can be posted. We are also in the early stages of organizing our launch event, please stay tuned for more details.

We look forward to meeting young alumni in our networks and to discussing the potential impact of the Ivy Circle’s new initiative.

Kind regards,
Madeleine Gorman and Tim Oldeman

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