Maarten van Rossem on “Oude Meesters uit Amerika,” Thursday June 9th at the Mauritshuis in Den Haag

The Jonge Vrienden van het Maurithuis are inviting Ivy Circle members to a special event with Maarten van Rossem, raconteur and former professor of American history at the University of Utrecht. The evening will start at 19.30 with a reception, drinks and refreshments, followed by Van Rossem’s lecture, on Thursday, June 9th at the Mauritshuis in the Hague.

The Jonge Vrienden is an association supporting the Mauritshuis, one of the premier museums in the Netherlands, headed by Emile Gordenker, Yale alumna.  This is a unique opportunity to see the spectacular Mauritshuis collection in an exclusive setting and to hear polymath Maarten van Rossem on the special links between Old Masters and America.

To reserve a place, please email and pay €30 pp (young alumni under 30 pay €20 pp) before Friday 3 June to Ivy Circle Netherlands account 5714821 (IBAN: NL19INGB0005714821, BIC: INGBNL2A). Payment details: Mauritshuis 9 April, your name + number of guests.

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