“Who will lead?” Update Kellerman event on leadership, 13 May

Please join Ivy Circle alumni on Mon 13 May for Barbara Kellerman and “The End of Leadership”, an event organised by John Adams Institute in cooperation with ING Bank, at ING House, Amstelveenseweg 500, Amsterdam, starting at 8PM. Kellerman is a Harvard professor and Yale alumna.

Who will lead? The question has been asked by humans since time began. Alexander, Napoleon, George Washington, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs…history is an endless succession of people who purport to know the way, and of others willing to follow. But things are different now. Barbara Kellerman of Harvard, an expert on leadership, says inThe End of Leadership that we’ve reached an unprecedented place, where leaders are not trusted, not revered, not followed. That holds in politics and the corporate world. What to do? Kellerman says we need a new understanding of how change happens, and systems that are more democratic and collaborative. Join us for an evening that explores the future of society and business.

Ivy Circle has purchased 20 tickets which are available to our alumni at a discount on a first come first serve basis. To purchase your discounted John Adams ticket, please contact john.terwilliger@gmail.com and pay €15 pp to Ivy Circle Netherlands account 254841309 (IBAN: NL83 TRIO 0254 8413 09) with reference “Kellerman 13 May + your name + number of guests (if any)”.

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